Fire Safety Fire Life & Safety Picture of safety cone and text saying fire life and safetyNational Service & Controls specializes in commercial heating, air conditioning, HVAC, and fire safety systems. We provide, installation, and maintenance of Commercial HVAC units in the Southern California Area. There are similarities in HVAC and fire safety, in many aspects the corresponding knowledge base is in place to expertly understand both HVAC and fire safety systems. We are a well-respected provider of fire safety systems. National Service & Controls offers, installation, inspection and maintenance of fire alarms, fire sprinklers and fire pumps in the Southern California Area.


Industrial Fire hydrant water Pump for fire safety National Service And Controls servicing all Southern California and some of Northern CA

Inspections And Repairs

Fire Alarms

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Pumps

Hydrant Flow Testing

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing being done in picture of water being spayed everywhere while inspector connects fire hose for testSouthern California - National Service Controls Inc.
Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

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HVAC Commercial HVAC Rooftop photo of service men servicing Heating and Cooling system in Southern CA Warehouse Heating and warehouse cooling

Sentronic – Electronic Tank Level Controls

Sentronic Tank Level ControlsPhoto of a control box for Sentronic electronic tank level controler by National Service and Controls water tank level sensors and controls

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  • Building Automation

Customer Support

In both the fire safety equipment as well as the HVAC arena, we realize in many ways it may seem like a level playing field when it comes to choosing the right HVAC or fire safety system, though we know it is not only the right equipment or safety system that is important, it’s the team you are with when needs arise. We are confident in our high caliber team and our fast response when called upon. We are most passionate about embracing the perception of being a small company with a personal touch when it comes to our service and support.

The National Service & Controls staff is made up of world-class support and service personnel who have hands on knowledge and experience combine that with our 24-hour live support line for anytime help in the event of an emergency. We are committed to providing a friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable customer support experience.


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Fire Safety fire hydrant water presure testing being done by National Service and Controls fire safety inspectors in southern CA