Silent Knight Fire Alarms




Honeywell Commercial Fire Alarms




  • Saves the cost of two dedicated phone lines.
  • Dual path communications. Can communicate to central station using Internet or cellular technology.
  • Requires no change to the existing Fire Alarm Control Panel configuration. The IPGSM-4G connects directly to the primary and secondary telephone ports.
  • Multi-GSM platform compatibility for 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  • Works over and responsiveness response customer-provided Ethernet 10/100
  • Base network connection (LAN or WAN), DSL modem or cable modem.
  • Data transmits over standard contact-ID protocol but is secured with the industry’s advanced encryption standard (AES 256 bit).
  • Built-In Power Supply Module: On board charging circuit design accommodates a back-up battery.
  • Includes primary power and battery supervision.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Signal strength and status indicators to simplify troubleshooting.

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