Sentronic Water Tank Level Controls

Sentronic – Electronic Water Level Sensor, Tank Meter – No Moving Parts!


Sentronic Automatic water tank level controls are fully electronic for less wear and tear since there are no moving parts and are more accurate than mechanical water float meters.

Electronic adjustment and programming via a PC interface make Sentronic water tank level metering a great choice. Sentronic tank level sensors are accurate and reliable! For more information about Sentronic water tank and fluid level sensors contact National Service and Controls.

Sentronic Water level sensor valve sentronic level control panel high level and low level- Pre wired back board
Sentronic Water Level Sensor and Control
Sentronic Fluid Level Control terminal diagram
Sentronic Fluid Level Control

Sentronic Water Tank Level Sensor Fluid Level Control Water tank level sensor and valve controls diagram Sentronic Water level sensor for water tank wire diagram